Sapore Gigi


What size jars do you offer?

We believe in value. All of our jars are 26oz (737g) in size.


Is in fact all your sauces are made to order?

Yes! We are a different sauce company that believes freshness is key. No inventory of sauces insures freshness


If I have a special request concerning removing an ingredients be possible?

Not a problem! All sauces are made to order. Give us a call or an email when ordering.


Do you need a lead time when manufacturing sauces?

Yes. Normally we have your sauce in the mail within 72 hours.


What are your shipping methods?

We ship for free! We ship U.S.P.S.  3 day priority mail to insure safe arrival and peak freshness.


What if I place an order on Thursday or Friday?

Orders placed on Thursday or Friday will be shipped Monday.


Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are offered if your item arrives damaged.


What if I don't like the sauce?

We strive to make everything fresh and of the highest quality. We don't offer refunds but will be happy to discount your next order by 15%


Is your site safe for summiting payment?

Great question! We use PayPal for all our sales. You don't even need a PayPal account when summiting payment. PayPal is the most trusted name on the planet!


You need a question answered? Give us a call or send us an email. All emails response within 12 hours.